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Howwell do you know the Olive oil?

JUNE 16 -20, 2020

Anybodycan attend the course

The goal of the course is to increase awareness and expertise in olive oil and to provide participants with a methodology that enables them to assess the quality and the variety of olive oils. For olive oil producers and packagers, it is useful for correct labeling according to EU regulations, better product presentation and for olive oil lovers in general, for better selection and appreciation of olive oil.

The course is intended preferably for olive oil producers and technicians, but also for other professionals who are in contact with olive oil (such as herbalists, nutritionists, dieticians, chefs or “foodies”), and all those who are eager to expand their knowledge of olive oil and learn how to use sensory analysis as a tool for quality assessment.

TIME: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
LOCATION: Hilton Garden Inn hotel London Heathrow
COST: €2200 per person
CREATED and ORGANIZED by London IOOC 2020, International Olive Oil Competition

SPECIAL BONUS free of charge

 – At 19 June the participants have the opportunity to taste hundreds of olive oils from any country. These are samples for LIOOC 2020.

– At 20 June the participants will have the opportunity to watch the olive oil judging process. The LIOOC 2020-London International Olive Oil Competitions will be held in the same venue with the course.


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The course will cover the following topics:

  • Olive growing, olive varieties, and olive oil extraction
  • Sensory analysis, organoleptic evaluation, and oil tasting
  • Certified tasting for sensory perception
  • International regulations and standards
  • Milling best practices
  • Olive oil marketing strategies
  • Health, wellbeing, and nutrition
  • Olive oil in the kitchen and on the table: food pairing
  • Taste panel workshops
  • Harmony and persistence
  • Guided tasting and practical tests for certification


  • to become more aware of your senses learning how to identify characteristic flavour note of virgin olive oil
  • to enrich your vocabulary for describing olive oil through descriptors.
  • the difference between taste and flavour through sensory exercises.
  • to recognize the flavours of olive oil and train your olive oil palette.
  • about the causes of defects in olive oil and how to avoid them.
  • how to use a chart for olive oil assessment.
  • how to handle, treat and store olive oil for a better presentation.
  • the rules for olive oil labeling and marketing.
  • you can create harmonious flavors by pairing food with olive oil. It is similar to pairing wine and food.