Olive Oil Competition Categories

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QUALITY Competition

Eligible to participate are varieties of extra virgin olive oil, from any oil-producing country in the world. The olive oil samples that will participate in the competition will be submitted anonymously and properly coded for a blind organoleptic tasting by the jury panel.

PACKAGING Competition

The London Design olive oil Awards can support the marketing strategy followed by every company. They serve as confirmation when promoting the superiority of your products to candidate buyers.

HEALTH CLAIM Competition

The olive oil samples that will participate will be consisted of two parts, the chemical and the organoleptic. The first part is a specialized chemical analysis that will measure the levels of the major phenols under Regulation 432/2012. The second part of the evaluation concerns the organoleptic tasting by the jury panel.


In the past decade, in parallel with other developments in the food and beverage industry, different ingredients have been included in extra virgin olive oil. Thus, infused olive oil created a new market. Important ingredients are garlic, bacillus, chili, truffle oil and real fruits.

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The registration deadline is 30 April 2021.